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We are Italians, and we are the first users of Italy and its history, its culture, its art, its traditions, its landscape beauties, its food and wine proposals... that's why we have decided, now for over 20 years, to make available to tourists from all over the world information to select the best proposals for a holiday in the countryside, cultural and food and wine, since we know that tourists who loves a holiday in the countryside, love to combine culture and food and wine. We are passionate about true and authentic Italy and everything that makes it unique and famous in every part of the world.

We took the first steps on the web as an Online Travel Agency with the creation and promotion of the Agriturismo.net website, a portal for accommodations booking that has always had the aim of making known specifically the "Holiday in Agriturismo", an original and sustainable form of tourism in the countryside little known at the beginning of the 2000s, especially abroad.

The idea had the purpose of spreading the knowledge of tourist places in the world, from the most classic to the less known ones , immersed in the Italian countryside, living in close contact with those who cultivated that nature and above all perceiving what "rural life" meant, with experiences related to the olive harvest, the grape harvest and why not, also gathering all together sitting at the table to taste traditional dishes, cooked with farm products.

Since then, Agriturismo.net has grown by expanding its offer of farmhouses in Tuscany to the more complete one of Bed & Breakfasts, Villas and Holiday Homes throughout Italy, formulating an offer increasingly oriented towards "green tourism" and "cultural tourism" .


Agriturismo.net Shop - Chi Siamo

In 2020 we pulled out of the drawer a project that we had in mind for many years, to create an online store to allow our customers, Italians and foreigners lovers of Italy, to be able to buy and receive Italian food and wine excellences directly at home, perhaps already tasted during the holiday just passed. Hundreds of carefully selected products offered by small producers, in many cases farms we have been collaborating with for years.

We want to enhance with https://shop.agriturismo.net the precious Italian specialties giving prestige to all those products "made as they once were", difficult to find because small producers often do not have the resources to create an efficient distribution and sale network.

We like to think of our shop as a set of village shops, where the seller is called by name and from which you come out with an envelope full of authentic and genuine products that you can't wait to taste, maybe sharing them with friends.

Our sellers take care of their products with the love and passion that only those who believe in traditions, respecting the earth and nature, are able to convey in a liter of extra virgin olive oil, in a bottle of wine, in a cheese or in a jar of honey ...

The Agriturismo.net shop is the perfect online shop for those looking for selected quality products, including organic ones, and choose the food they put on the table with great care.

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