Trofiette pasta, basil pesto and pine nuts 2 Portions


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Region: Liguria, 
Chef: Francesca Marsetti, 
Preparation time: 25 min, 
Kcal: 690, 
Portions: 2, 

Recommended for occasions such as a family lunch

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The ingredients of the BOX

  • TROFIETTE (Ingredients: Semolina pasta of wheat durum (Country of coltivation and milling: Italy), water) 500 g
  • GENOESE PESTO (Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 47%, Genoese Basil D.O.P. 28%, Parmesan Cheese D.O.P. (milk, salt, rennet), nutsPecorino Romano Cheese D.O.P. (milk, salt, rennet), pine nuts, garlic, salt, acid regulator: citric acid; ascorbic acid; sorbic acid) 180 g
  • ITALIAN PINE NUTS (Origin: Italy) 40 g
  • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL (Origin: Italy) 20 ml
  • CRYSTALS OF SEA SALT (Origin: Italy) 50 g
  • DARK PEPPER 0,3 g

May contain egg protein, traces of other nuts and derived products.All products inside the box are to be used and consumed simultaneously with the preparation of the recipe.

Advice on conservation

Store the box in a cool and dry place, away from heat sources. All the products inside the box are to be used and consumed at the same time as the preparation of the recipe.

Product Packaged by Ricetta Italiana S.R.L, via M. Buonarroti 28/30, Gorle (BG), Italy.

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