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A selection of Typical Italian Products produced by various Italian companies.

In this section you will find Pasta, Rice, Sauces and Condiments of different kinds, oil and vinegar and much more..

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  • Pasta & Rice

    Pasta is a typical product par excellence, like Pizza, typical of Italian cuisine. Today there are different types and formats, to adapt to various kinds of dishes. Below are the three main categories: long pasta (spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, fettuccine, etc.), short pasta (maccheroni, penne, fusilli, farfalle, etc.) and very short pasta (ditalini, pennette, etc.). Then there is pastina: these are very small formats (farfalline, anellini, stelline) that are usually used for the most delicate soups or simply cooked in broth.

    In addition to pasta there is another flagship, Rice, of which there are many varieties such as: Balilla, Padano, Vialone nano, Ribe, S. Andrea, Roma and Baldo, Carnaroli and Arborio

  • Oil & Vinegar

    In this section you will find a selection of Oil & Vinegar of 100% Italian origin, which are one of the quality and excellence products in the world. In the store you will find: from the classic extra virgin olive oil to more particular oils such as flavored and wine and balsamic vinegars.

    Excellent products appropriately selected from the Agriturismo.net Shop to best flavor your dishes

    Extra virgin olive oil

    Features and health benefits

    An oil that has ancient origins, the most used oil in the Mediterranean diet and also the fattest. On extra virgin olive oil, there are several clinical and epidemiological studies that highlight the nutritional qualities of this food, which is the most suitable for human consumption among all the various widely consumed dietary fats.

    See also how to best preserve extra virgin olive oil => READ MORE

  • Sauces & Condiments

    A selection of the various typical Italian sauces and condiments, always used in the kitchen to add flavors and aromas to the foods of Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Honey and Jams

    In our virtual shop you can choose from a variety of Honey and Jams: Wildflower honey, fruity honey and many other flavors but also jams made with freshly picked fruit, organically grown for a king's breakfast or accompanied by a good cheese.

  • Chesees

    In this section you will find a selection of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and typical local Cheeses. Unique cheeses selected for you from the Agriturismo.net Shop that are worth savoring and enjoying in company.

  • Desserts and Biscuits

    How to end a meal if not with a typical Italian dessert? In the following section of the Agriturismo.net Shop, you will find a variety of desserts typical of Italian cuisine.

  • Flours & Cereals

    A collection of flours & cereals of Italian origin for the production of: bread, pasta, desserts, polenta.. selected for you from the Agriturismo.net Shop

  • Cold Cuts

    In Italy there are many varieties of cold cuts and in every Italian region you can find typical cured meats of the local tradition that are made following recipes that are in many cases centuries old. In this section you can find artisanal products such as hams, salami, lard, bacon, all excellent for preparing tasty appetizers and snacks.

  • Chocolate and...

    If you are a chocolate lover, a tour of all our chocolate and spreadable delicacies is the one for you. Let yourself fall into temptation in front of our handmade products, created by true Italian chocolate professionals.

    In our online store, you will find from chocolate bars, made with various qualities of cocoa from the best crops in the world to a choice of excellent quality spreads, produced with the best raw materials, by the best Italian artisans to satisfy even the most difficult tastes.

  • Soups and preparations

    On cold winter days, what's better than a good hot soup, perhaps prepared with recipes handed down by mum or grandmother. On our shop you can find the ingredients to prepare excellent homemade soups.
    Our preparations for legume soups will allow you to enjoy a delicious and genuine dish, made with top quality ingredients.

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Showing 154 - 161 of 161 items

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